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What is INside-OWT

INside-OWT is a simple and natural way to be deeply present, to understand the meaning of your symptoms, develop trust, grow spiritually and heal – inside and out. INside-OWT” stands for: 


Read the Full Article: “What is INside-OWT” for details on what I.N.-O.W.T stands for!

Video #1: A former RN describes the power of her INside-OWT Experience.
6 min 54 sec

Video #2: What is Uniquely Transformational about INside-OWT?
4 min 2 sec

Video #3 INside-OWT with Children
4 min 9 sec

Video #4: The Validating and Affirming Importance of Having a Witness.
2 min 23 sec

Video #5: Using INside-OWT to Understanding Your Dreams
2 min 53 sec

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Sarah Langner on Healing Breast Cancer
6 min 26 sec