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INside-OWT Process

INside-OWT is ideal for: ​

  • Self-Healing
  • Personal Transformation
  • Strengthening ones intuition
  • Finding meaning in lifes’ experiences
  • Aiding in dream recall & understanding​
  • Learning to trust & surrender to a higher purpose
  • Deepening the connection to your inner wisdom
  • Exploring the energetic or emotional patterns behind physical symptoms

INside-OWT is ideally practiced during: ​

  • Life Transitions
  • Extreme Stress
  • During Healing Crisis
  • During Anxiety or Panic Attacks
  • For Acute or Chronic Pain Conditions
  • During Ocular (Visual) Migraine Headaches
  • Life situations that confuse or disorientate you
  • When you feel unbalanced and don’t know why
  • When you feel a high degree of negative energy toward a situation or person​

Video Testimonial

Judy Walker – INside-OWT Testimonial for Shoulder Pain

Judy describes her journey of healing her shoulder through the 5-step process of Inside-OWT that helps people access unconscious emotions and conflicts that create oxygen deprivation in soft tissue such as muscle, nerves & tendons. (as per Dr. John Sarnos’ book Epidemic of Mind-Body Disorders)

Judy describes in detail her experience of the process and how Summer helped guide her to accept, honor and trust the imagery that arose and how to use the 5 step process of INside-OWT to come profound insight that healed her shoulder in one session.

What is I.Nside-O.W.T ?

Written by Summer Bozohora. ​

Healing comes from one place and follows precise Universal Laws that can easily be applied to your life though the process inherent in all healing journeys and defined and concretely laid out through the process and principles of IN-OWT.   (Pronounced In-Out or INsideOWT).

The acronym I.N.O.W.T. is pronounced IN-OWT or In-Out or Inside-Out.  In-Out (IN-OWT) is a play on words that exemplifies the important shift of information coming from the outside  to one of trusting inner information and knowledge (inner knowing & clarity) and moving the information outward.

As human beings we are transitioning to an new era of spiritual wisdom, but our history sandwiches us between the industrial age and the information age.  And because of it, we are affected psychologically to do a lot, learn a lot and do it quickly.  This mental busyness distracts us from the present and has us neglects our innate spiritual wisdom that we have access to within our own field of awareness.

Awareness Paths:

Some forms of awareness paths or meditation encourage people to use it as a way of detaching from our busy life. Often we dismiss thoughts or body sensations to follow our breath or repeat a mantra. This type of meditation is classified as passive and directed i.e.) its’ purpose comes from an external or ‘outward’ expectation. IN-OWT is active and non-directed form of awareness.
Passive and active awareness
The power of inner knowledge that comes from the state of relaxed awareness achieved during the process of INside-OWT mirrors experiences found in many spiritual traditions. Arnold Mindell–a psychotherapist using the spiritual principles of Quantum Physics, describes, in his own words, what Tibetan Buddhist Lama Sogyal Rinpoche calls a pre-dreaming or Rigpa state of awareness: ​

In the Rigpa state, the minds’ innermost essence, which is absolutely and always untouched by change or death… could be said to be the knowledge of knowledge itself.
– ​(Mindell, Quantum Mind and Healing 2004, 24). ​

​All paths to awareness are ways of connecting to the greater whole.  In passive/directed awareness there is a pre-determined outcome (outward/external expectation). For example, finding a place of inner peace or being healed from disease.

​While these goals seem worthwhile, when you direct your awareness to a predetermined outcome, (i.e.) outer developed expectation) you limit the possibilities by attempting to tell the Universe, God or Creation what to do. This lacks the trust necessary to be in the flow of the planetary and evolutionary system that has its’ own energetic blueprint of meaning and purpose for you and your soul. ​

The Acronym of I.N.- O.W.T.

The acronym of I.N.-O.W.T. stands for: Immerse. Notice. Own. Willingness to play, and, Trust.
These five aspects: Immerse. Notice. Own. Willingness to play, and Trust are aspects of the process we enter into.  In a single session, a person may cycle through each of theses steps several times, and not necessarily in order.

Immersion: is setting your intention to immerse yourself within your inner being. Using breath as way of making space within and focusing our attention on our heart center, or truth in the middle of our chest is a powerful way – but not the only way to begin. You can also start with a focus, some external image or word that seems to keep popping into your awareness, an emotional feeling or physical issue for example. Whatever holds or draws your attention. Nightmares and reoccurring dreams can be resolved with the same process – recalling part of a dream is enough to start from.

Notice: means to pay attention to what is in your present awareness and ‘follow the energy trail.’  The energy trail may be a recent dream, or any images, internal sounds or words, sensations, memories, external distractions or sounds that seem to draw your attention.  Noticing is very difficult for many people.  Most people tend to skip out and avoid ‘noticing’ and go on to distract themselves with thoughts of such things as grocery lists or something else external.

As a person follows the energy trail, and is able to trust, honour and accept what it presents, the energy moves throughout the body.  As one follows their energy trail, trusting, honouring and accepting what it presents, it flows like an internal movie. Within the minds-eye, colours, strange images, body twinges, aches and inner voices of wisdom can be sensed.

Thoughts that support and bring insight to these sensations are also part of the energy trail. Thoughts that are judgments are distractions from it.  Aspects of oneself, often called our ‘inner voices’ naturally emerge.  People can and do name these personal aspects of themselves with various terms: inner child or child-self, one’s mental or critical self, ‘head’ or ‘brain’, one’s guiding light or spirit, kernel or spark and many others. (Personal terms derived from the clients own understanding occur spontaneously when needed and are preferred to those predetermined by psychological or medical definitions. The client’s internal-frame-of-reference is what determines healing.)

Own:  means to accept and acknowledge whatever the energy trail presents to you despite how our logical mind wants to dismiss or judge it, avoid it or discount it. By staying with the energy trail you show courage to move beyond what you previously thought possible.

Willingness to Play: The ‘energy trail’ is open to suggestion, questions and games. It is not bound by the same rules of logic that we have been taught that the material world is. During our immersion into Self, it is natural for images and thoughts to emerge that do not necessarily make sense to our rational mind, but rest assured, images are metaphorical, not literal which means they are NOT rational or linear.

As you start the process, it is helpful to know that your left-brain or conscious mind will tend to judge, avoid and ‘push away’ what seems to it as unacceptable or scary. They key is to accept, honour and trust whatever comes to you by checking in with your heart centre and or third eye, which are the keys to bridging our emotions and thoughts. At first it’s like learning to drive in Australia where the drivers wheel is on the right side of the car and we drive on the left side as well. It feels a little strange and the road signs can catch us off guard.

Trust: There are no right/wrong or inappropriate ‘answers.’ Your images will tell you the truth about your belief systems and your feelings that need realignment. When you extend yourself with the certainty that everything is okay even when you do not have ‘proof’ you recognize that you are safe.

During this process we are tapping into a storehouse of information – an energetic map, that tells you what is ‘right’ for you based on the energetic resonance you feel within your heart and/or third eye. We ‘know’ what is right for us, we just have to listen instead of ignore or avoid the messages.

Common Blocks to setting an Intention and immersing oneself within

  1. We are currently so busy in life with external demands that our nervous system cannot balance itself. With too many demands or stressors, our nervous system stays in fight, flight or frozen mode with an inability to stop and tune inward.
  2. We are unfamiliar with our inner world and need a skilled coach.
  3. We don’t know what we want.
  4. We set our focus or intention for a session from our personality/ego instead of soul.
  5. We find it difficult to FEEL.
  6. The habit of the mind – to control and to be fearful, to judge and analyze needs extra support to let go of its habits and to feel safe.
  7. We judge the process and try to imbed logical rules to it, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that the process will not or cannot work for us. i.e) We cannot believe or do not have faith.

​Summer Guides her clients in developing their inner Resources to Heal and to learn how to Trust them.  This process is included in many of the Health Check packages that the Clinic offers.

​What you may experience during the sessions:

These are some of the experiences clients have had during sessions:

  • Understanding of emotional or physical symptoms and the spiritual lessons within them.
  • A clear understanding of parts of yourself that have been hidden, neglected, wounded or repressed.
  • An ability to observe and witness past events/memories without attachment which allows the events to be released and healed energetically.
  • Enhanced ability to dream, remember and process dreams.
  • The ability to trust your body, images, dreams and symptoms as spiritual life-friends.
  • ​An a ability to look beyond the veils and false beliefs to see and trust the metaphorical and spiritual significance of your life.
  • The ability to transcend the time-space reality and experience one-ness.​
  • A deep experience with your sense of the Creator, God or the Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides or Animal Guides. ​
  • ​An ability to connect with relatives who have passed on.