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Summer, Whole Body-Mind-Soul Coach using the INside-OWT process & Natural Vision Specialist

Summer BozoharaWhat is a Soul Coach & Self-Healing Mentor?

Summer is the author of Soul-Side Out: Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best life.

A Soul-Coach & Self-Healing Mentor guides clients in identifying and addressing symptoms and illnesses from a soul-level. A Soul Coach works with the knowledge that physical symptoms start on an energetic, emotional or spiritual level.

A Soul-Coach sees all symptoms as having a purpose and a deeper meaning. The symptoms or illnesses arise out of discordant energetic or emotional coping patterns that are learned. Beliefs and habits of being have often passed down through generations from familial patterns or past lives.

A Soul-Coach understands that they are of service to the client at a universal level of consciousness and are a conduit or witness to empowering the client to come to a clear and resonant personal understanding of their symptoms.

What we are really doing is tapping into and re-learning the Soul’s language – (watch Summer’s talk below – “Relearning the Soul’s Language” for more detailed explanation) The Souls Language is Information delivered to us via energy and imagery that we understand as infants but quickly forget without practise or development.

The Souls Language takes many forms: Various types of images, perception of sound or colour, inner voices, memories, body twinges, pains and different body sensations.

“Images, indeed all thoughts (and feelings) are electrochemical events, which are intricately woven into the fabric of the brain and the body” (Achterberg, 1985, p. 9).

A skilled Soul-Coach has developed their intuitive skills to a degree that allows them access to information beyond the physical plane of our daily existence. The Souls Language and whole body & mind Healing follow Universal Laws that are mirrored in Quantum Science and can be taught through the 5 Step Process of IN-side-OWT (pronounced Inside-Out) (a detailed explanation is in Chapter 6 of the book: Soul-Side Out, Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life)

A Soul-Coach can share this wisdom simply by opening their awareness to the Universal Field and through resonance and support, clients are then able to tap into the soul-level reality of the Universal Field themselves. This allows the client (soul-searcher) the opportunity to enhance their understanding of our interconnection to all life energy and truth. Through the process, powerful emotional, mental and physical shifts take place.

It is powerful medicine. Physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms can be resolved either in a single session, shortly after or over time depending on the scope of reach the symptom has; personal, familial or universal.

Symptoms having been successfully improved or resolved include eczema, lung, ear or blood infections, migraine headaches, visual conditions such as myopia or double vision, physical pains such as back, neck, shoulder, irritable bowel and anxiety disorders. The meaning of the manifestation of other more chronic and severe illnesses such as cancer is also possible.

Being able to kinaesthetically understand the underlying energy of symptoms as they resonate through your body as insight and awareness is a powerful and empowering experience.

Video Testimonial

Judy Walker – INside-OWT Testimonial for Shoulder Pain

Judy describes her journey of healing her shoulder through the 5-step process of Inside-OWT that helps people access unconscious emotions and conflicts that create oxygen deprivation in soft tissue such as muscle, nerves & tendons. (as per Dr. John Sarnos’ book Epidemic of Mind-Body Disorders)

Judy describes in detail her experience of the process and how Summer helped guide her to accept, honor and trust the imagery that arose and how to use the 5 step process of INside-OWT to come profound insight that healed her shoulder in one session.

As a Soul Coach, Summer also often uses the support of a Scalar Laser (gentle, but powerful light therapy) to reset the bodies major glands; Adrenals, Thymus, Thyroid, Vagus Nerve, Pineal and Pituitary glands.

The laser has the effect of helping to relax clients into a soft mental state so that insights arise easily without resistance or mind-chatter. This allows the body to begin its’ own healing process by helping the client to be in a neutral, receptive state of being.


  • Initial consultations are 75-90 minutes
  • Follow-ups are 60-75 minutes
  • Summer has helped hundreds of people to change their health and their lives even during the first session.
  • This type of in depth soul-work has the energetic benefit of calming the visual-nervous system. Vision improvement is highly likely through the process. Clients pursuing this soul-level work are able to opt into reducing their current eyeglasses with prescriptions that are congruent with natural vision improvement principles.
  • The sessions can be held in person or at a distance (ie. zoom or telephone)

Why should you consult a Soul Coach?

  • Self-Healing
  • For Spiritual Direction
  • Personal Transformation
  • Strengthening ones intuition
  • Finding meaning in life’s experiences
  • Aiding in dream recall & understanding
  • Self-awareness & personal development
  • Learning to trust & surrender to a higher purpose
  • Deepening the connection to your inner wisdom
  • For questions about life-purpose or spiritual direction
  • Understanding patterns within families at a soul-level
  • Exploring the energetic or emotional patterns behind physical symptoms

When should you consult a Soul Coach?

  • During Life Transitions
  • Under Extreme Stress
  • During a Healing Crisis
  • On-going as a Life-Mentor
  • For Anxiety or Panic Attacks
  • For Acute or Chronic Pain Conditions
  • If you experience Migraine Headaches
  • To set goals with clarity and clear Intention
  • Life situations that confuse or disorientate you
  • When you feel unbalanced and don’t know why
  • During Illnesses and reoccurring symptoms.

What you may experience during the sessions:

  • Understanding of emotional or physical symptoms and the spiritual lessons within them.
  • A clear understanding of parts of yourself that have been hidden, neglected, wounded or repressed.
  • An ability to observe and witness past events/memories without attachment which allows the events to be released and healed energetically.
  • Enhanced ability to dream, remember and process dreams.
  • The ability to trust your body, images, dreams and symptoms as spiritual life-friends.
  • An a ability to look beyond the veils and false beliefs to see and trust the metaphorical and spiritual significance of your life.
  • The ability to transcend the time-space reality and experience one-ness.
  • A deep experience with your sense of the Creator, God or the Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides or Animal Guides.
  • An ability to connect with relatives who have passed on.
  • A resolution of physical or emotional symptoms at the core energetic and soul-level.

For In-depth sessions of these types, it is recommended that clients also seek a reduced eyeglass prescription. More information about seeking a reduced eyeglass prescription coming soon.

At the end of the session, it is recommended that you do not go back to work, but take the day to integrate the energy and information and begin implementing the messages that arise. You are provided with time to reflect and write down real-life actions to take based on your session to propel you toward your goals.

Summer also works and consults together with Dr. Neil Tran, a naturopathic doctor. Their combined experience and expertise ensures you get the best in what is currently available in the complementary health field.

Summer is the author of the book: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life.

Soul Side Out by Summer Bozohora
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