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Silvia, Medical Intuitive, Bio-Resonance Practitioner, Life Coach

Silvia - Medical IntuitiveA Special Note from Silvia:

From the clients I have seen in the past two years, I have observed two main underlying health patterns:

1.) Almost all of them have had a moderate – severe heavy metal toxicity that was the underlying cause of most of their illnesses (that they were struggling with for years). I also often noticed chemical, pesticide and neurotoxins harming the organs, nervous system, emotional body and/or the brain.

I have noticed in many of my clients, many of whom  tried many paths of healing, including chelation therapy or the intake of spirulina or chlorella are still are left with many harmful toxins in their body.

The toxins are often in the deeper levels of the organs and fat tissue so most healing methods are unable to reach them successfully. Through medical intuition – which is a tuning into the energetic information in the body, I am guided from the human body to provide the most simplest and direct steps to open the lymphatic system, liver, spleen and kidneys so that the toxins are removed successfully.  The key is utilizing a series of stages to reach into all layers of the body  The  energy work is also supported with diet and super food recommendations and homeopathic remedies.

2.) The second problem that I find often are parasites, fungus and yeast living in a weakened body causing harmful toxicity and inflammation. I am able to tune into and provide relief of the specific parasite through the same medical intuitive process.

Health and wellness is possible in a relatively short time.  It may take 1-6 months, depending on the severity of the toxicity to work its way through the body to regain a balanced internal environment.  After years of accumulated toxicity, clients regain their health and vitality and a new level of self-care and education in the underlying core areas of their health and well-being.

Once you identify the cause of your symptoms it is easy to shift your level of awareness from confusion and frustration to knowing how to take care of your body and heal at a complete and deep level of your being.

As a medical intuitive, I have come to understand that all symptoms have a deeper purpose and can teach clients a great deal about how to manage their well-being for greater empowerment in their lives. The body is the temple for our soul so we can express our essence to its full possibility in our lives. Illness can open us up to reach deeper and higher grounds in our lives so we may make the greatest contribution to life while we are here.

If you are reading this, and it touches you, you are ready to move to a greater understanding and move toward inner alignment and true, lasting healing.

Much Love Silvia.

What is a medical intuitive?

A Medical Intuitive can read and provide valuable information regarding deficiencies, diseases, imbalances, energy blockages or weakness in the physical body. Medical intuition is the knowing about physical issues in the body and the underlying causes, negative patterns and life experiences that may contribute to the development of physical symptoms. Early detection of imbalances may even prevent diseases from developing. Other terms for such a person include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor. We are all born with intuition, however, over time we learn to disregard this ability instead of building it to be a valuable tool for life. A medical intuitive has developed their intuitive skills to a degree that allows them access to information beyond the physical plane of our daily existence and therefore allowing us the opportunity to enhance our understanding of our interconnection to all life energy and truth.

Having a session

  • Customized session for each individual
  • The first visit is 60 minutes.
  • Follow up sessions are typically 30-60 minutes.
  • Silvia has helped hundreds of people to change their health and their lives even during the first session.
  • The session can be held in person or at a distance (ie. whatsapp, facetime, skype or via telephone)

In your first visit you will receive:

  • A list of foods that you are intolerant to or that weaken your body
  • A list of wholesome foods that are specifically good for your body
  • A list of what imbalances are difficult for your body
  • A list of your organs and body systems that are imbalanced and the condition they are in and what needs to be done to balance them
  • A list of deficiencies/excesses that are causing the imbalances
  • A variety of energetic work that is the most meaningful for your body at this time
  • A layout of conditions and what to address first according to your bodies knowledge
  • Suggestions for supplements that are the most supportive to your body at this time

Silvia offers the Whole Healing Profound Life Change Program 

Silvia sees into the body on a microscopic level and can detect bodily imbalances that contribute to dis-ease and its cause. She then works energetically on the bodies systems to remove blockages and bring the body back into balance . During a session you will discuss any unresolved emotional issues that may be contributing to imbalances within the body/mind. This includes the health of different organs including problems with toxins, (parasites, fungus ,bacteria) and any allergies.

Sometimes a client may feel blocked in moving forward in an area of life. Silvia also works as an excellent life coach and has helped many people to move toward their goals and to a greater awareness of themselves and their purpose and to lead a more real and happy life.

Silvia will find for you the best remedies, herbs, diet, life style changes and healing modalities available today. She will then create a personalized program for you. This program will provide suggestions on ongoing healing between sessions and beyond, beginning you on your road to greater health and well-being.

She also works and consults together with her husband Dr. Neil Tran, a naturopathic doctor. Their combined experience and expertise ensures you get the best in what is currently available in the complementary health field.

In one visit the following can be identified:

  • Allergies, food and environmental intolerances
  • Parasite & bacterial infections
  • Yeast and fungus infections
  • Viruses
  • Heavy metals or toxins
  • Polyps, cysts, tumors, unhealthy cells
  • The health state of an organ
  • Traumas and negative beliefs
  • Energetic blocks that hold us back from our well-being

I’m sending you a testimony Silvia as you are truly a miracle worker, angel or whatever we want to call it. You simply saved my life. I had such tremendous turn of events in my health that no one seemed to put a connection to. From high heart rates, severe anxiety and so on, I became almost non functional. Went to the emergency 8 times in 1 month, doctors advising I was fine and it was simply anxiety was a very fearful time in my life. Then I met you and all changed. You were able to distinguish exactly what was happening, help me heal through it with the exact right supplements and foods and not only that but for the right amounts my body could handle. I freed myself from a severe mercury levels in my body to the better health I ever had in my life today. So thank you again for your wonderful work and I would recommend you to everyone I know as I know they will be in their best possible hands and on a wonderful healing journey.

– Angele Miller, New Brunswick, Canada