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Dr. Eric Weiss, O.M.D.R.Ac.L.Ac.

Dr. Eric Weiss - Live Blood Analyst

Eric Weiss has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 20 years. TCM is based on natural laws that exist in the natural world around us and inside of us.

Live Blood Viewing

Looking at living blood reveals the secrets about our physical and emotional health and vitality . Live Blood Analysis provides real time viewing of your living blood via an HD microscope connected to a 40 inch monitor. You will see (with your own eyes) all the elements of health and ill health in your blood stream. The arteries and blood vessels carry nutrients and debris, to and from every cell in your body. If your blood is not healthy, you are not healthy, even if the symptoms have not yet surfaced. It is easy to pull a small weed, before it grows into a large weed tree.

Biological Terrain Testing (BTT)

BTT is at the forefront of preventative health care. This scientific process uses standard lab equipment to examine your urine, blood and saliva for the specific parts that reveal problems in your body’s ability to regulate its electrical, molecular, cellular and organ systems. These systems are primary determinants of your overall health or lack of health.

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