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Stress, Sleep, & Fatigue

Are you EXPERIENCING EXTREME STRESS? or going through a major life transition or health crisis?

This type of stress, challenges your beliefs of who you are, what life means and leaves you open, raw & vulnerable.

You may be experiencing, highly charged emotions, be crying often, woken by high energy dreams, flashbacks of traumas, & spontaneous thoughts or images may pop into your head. You also may be experiencing weird or painful body sensations, sleeplessness, blurred vision or or a complete health crisis.

It’s all OK! In fact, it’s great!

The process is natural. It is not unlike near death experiences where people are able to access different realms of awareness that provide profound insight. The only difference is that the death is not of the body, but of the ego, or personality and coping mechanisms that no longer serve us.

Because your defenses have been torn or stripped away, you have an opening.  It may feel like a jagged crack or tear in your heart, faith, your spirit or soul, but that same hole is the opening to Divine Source.


You are now open to a new sense of meaning and direction in life.

You are likely fed up and no longer want to wear any false masks, or care about surface appearances and it feels exhausting to pretend otherwise. During this time, of what seems like total exhaustion, where you feel you may give in or give up, you have access to a special form of awareness. That same energy that causes all these symptoms you are experiencing will give you direction, guidance and insight beyond your wildest imagination. In this state, that is confusion & chaos at first, a powerful connection to the Universal energy field of human awareness can awaken.

Sessions with Silvia can help shift your level of awareness, uncover blind spots and start to move forward leading you to regain your health, vitality and a new level of self-care.