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ShiatsuWhat is shiatsu treatment

Shiatsu was developed in Japan about 120 years ago. It took it’s source in the Ancient and profound system of classical Chinese Medicine. It is a form of natural bodywork that uses touch to affect the body`s internal vital energy flow and benefit health. This human quality of touch is applied on meridians or channels of energy. Shiatsu emphasizes correction and maintenance of bone structure, joints, tendons, muscles and meridian lines whose malfunctioning distort the body`s energy and autonomic nervous system. It promotes the circulation of lymphatic fluid, releasing deep-seated tension from the muscles and toxins from the body tissue, stimulating the hormonal system, and mobilizing the body`s own healing abilities. It promotes relaxation, generates energy, eases aches and pains, and helps create a general feeling of well-being in body, mind and spirit.

What your session will look like

Shiatsu is treatment that is performed with clothing: you will be asked to wear comfortable and loose clothing. To begin the treatment, you will be seated on a mat, on the floor with cushions for your comfort. You will be asked some questions regarding your general health and if you have any operations or situation that you would like to share. At that time you may also share any questions you would like to ask.

You wil then be asked to focus on your breathing. The practitioner will sit quietly with you for a moment as you both begin to enter a quieter and whole space.

As you are exhaling the practitioner will use their hands to begin applying pressure on the meridians on your back, listening and tuning into your energy and breathing. The massage will then gently move to the shoulders, the upper body and to the whole body.

You will already be feeling more and more connected to what you really are, your body will feel more original and whole, quiet and deeply relaxed. It will also bring more awareness of what you do to distort the balance in your body.

Shiatsu deeply nourishes you, it is a gift of life fully flowing unobstructed in all of your body.

The session will last approximately one hour but you will need 10-15 minutes before heading off to your next activity.