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About Us

Our Successful Approach

The founders of this clinic are a husband and wife team working with individuals to find the root cause of their illness and remove obstacles from their health goals. Our combination is very unique and powerful when it comes to finding the underlying cause of health problems. Dr. Tran is a Naturopathic doctor who received special medical training from an accredited four year medical school specializing in Naturopathic Medicine. Silvia, his wife, has worked for many years as a medical intuitive and energy healer and is quick to find any heavy metals, parasites, fungus, allergies and more in just one assessment. Both have many years of experience and so many success stories.

Joining them are also Dr V.(Naturopathic Doctor) and Dr. Weiss (Live Blood Analyst). Together they form a harmonious team, providing you with the right remedies, diet changes, detoxification, and more, to regain your health and well being.

​We pride ourselves in taking time with each patient to provide the best individualized care possible. ​We specialize in using modern and progressive means of diagnosis as well as treatments using natural therapies in order to restore health. We are trained extensively in the use of herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and homeopathic remedies.

We have helped many people who had exhausted all their resources in seeking help from other health professionals…..simply by getting to the root of the matter.

Education and Training

Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) are primary care physicians who have 8 years of university and medical training. After 4 years of university education, they attend another four years of Naturopathic medical schooling in preparation to treat patients in all aspects of health, and are well prepared to help everyone from the young to seniors. The course work encompasses the medical sciences, from anatomy and physiology to pharmacology and thorough training in the natural medicine modalities, including and amongst others, nutrition and neutriceutical therapies, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.

After eight years of post-secondary education, Naturopathic doctors must also pass North American board exams to obtain a license to practice Naturopathic medicine in Canada.

Our education gives a safety track record of providing safe and effective treatments. We also commit to work with all other health professionals, including medical doctors, in providing the best of care for all patients. In many cases, patients are seeking the best of care from both conventional and natural medicines, our education in both medical science and natural medicine leaves us well equipped to help such patients.

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