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New Dimensional Soul Healer Training Course

with Silvia Tran, Medical Intuitive

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After mastering the conventional healing modalities, Silvia tapped into the infinite new healing possibilities in the last decade. Silvia created this course by condensing the new healing codes that she uses every day. These two semesters are designed to pass on the newest energy-healing knowledge of our time to others.

By taking this deep journey, her previous students discovered more of who they truly are, their purpose, and why they came here. Silvia believes healing the human body is a natural ability that comes with being more of who we really are. By empowering realness in her students, she has trained people without any skills in healing to take diseases and toxins out of the body, food, and nature. All of them are now aware of the subtle language and are very intuitive.

Classes would be held in person in Edmonton. If you are not in Edmonton, you can join the rest of the class via Zoom.

Semester 1: Intuitive Sacred Soul Healer (2023)


Level 1: Sep 30, Oct 1, Oct 19

Level 2: Oct 28, Oct 29, Nov 23

Level 3: Dec 2, Dec 3, Jan 11

Level 4: Jan 20, Jan 21

Classes will be held in person or via Zoom depending on your location and regulations.


The investment is $3500 for the semester if paid in full by September 2023, or $1000/month for four months.


Semester 2: Advanced Intuitive Spirit Healer Program (2024)


Level 1: Feb 23, Feb 24, Mar 14

Level 2: Mar 30, Mar 31, Apr 11

Level 3: Apr 27, Apr 28, May 16

Level 4: May 25, May 26

Classes will be held in person or via Zoom depending on your location and regulations.


The investment is $3500 for the semester if paid in full by February 2023, or $1000/month for four months.

You can pay in full for both semesters with a reduced price of $6300 by September 2023

You can contact us if you want to book Silvia to hold classes in your country.

If you have financial difficulties or if you want to sponsor others please contact us.



A little bit about what has happened in the previous course.


What You Will Receive

Silvia is an amazingly gifted Intuitive Healer who has helped 1000s of people.

She has put together a Program that will help you go deeper into your healing abilities as well as teach you to become the real You again, and live your Soul’s Purpose.

Each weekend meeting Silvia will include a group healing to Align your body, mind, and emotions to what you are stepping newly into.

This program contains a variety of healing modalities ranging from our ancestors, to the new soul healing abilities that are now coming into this world: everything you need in these specific and unusual times to be grounded and open in a path of love and self healing, as well as how to heal your body and others.

In this program we want you to open to real healing, your real purpose, and a fulfilling life path where you learn to listen to your deepest calling in you and regain a higher level of seeing from where to live your life with real meaning.

You will get comfortable with your intuitive abilities as well as learn how to confirm your intuitive findings and use various modalities to confirm.

This will be of service to yourself, your body, your family, and your pets:

Silvia will guide you and help to undo any blockages or self doubt Opening the deeper understanding of real healing, why we came here, and our real purpose.

  • Real muscle testing
  • Opening your Intuition
  • Scanning and working with Holograms
  • Balancing, clearing, and healing: organs, meridians, emotions, traumas, fears, beliefs
  • Color therapy and Beyond
  • High-dimension energy transformers
  • Chakra healing – permanent alignments and opening them up to our essence
  • Point Zero Trauma Transformation
  • Higher than Reiki energy healing and moving energies
  • Real Meditation and Breathwork
  • Making your own Flower Essences and Tree Essences
  • Working with homeopathic remedies
  • Working with your most important energy transformers to align the body with any corrections
  • Working with energy codes of Archetypes, Sacred symbols, animals, and so much more
  • Working with the energies of your deepest heart and the void
  • Working with Soul Spirit and Christ level vibration
  • Past, present, and future healing
  • Removing blockages to healing and purity of heart
  • Opening time travel, other dimensions, and higher realms
  • DNA Repair and Opening
  • Stem Cell Repair and Longevity
  • Anti-aging transformations in subcellular levels
  • Beyond family constellation
  • Beyond Feng Shui
  • Womb state healing in early childhood
  • Sacred higher level healing that can transform the human body in one moment and clear all the parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and more, with your own intention, as well as harmonically heal the body.

Silvia tapped into a new way of healing the human body and will teach you in this program to do and reach the same. But most importantly teach you to be real and relaxed as awareness in this world, for all of this to happen.

Coming from your spirit essence, learning a new balance of emotions, body, and soul purpose.

See you soon.