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Natural Vision Improvement

Natural Vision Improvement, Vision Education and Vision Therapy for blurred vision has been around since the Greek and Egyptian Empires but most recently, Dr William Bates (early 1900’s) – Optometrist is known for his contributions in the field. There are Eight Visual Skills that are interrelated and allow us to have our best vision possible.  Optometrists tend to focus on measuring just one – visual acuity – but other skills affect visual acuity in very important and sometimes dramatic ways.  Vision Educators and Coaches help people develop these skills. Some of the teachers and leaders that influence our perspectives include; Elizabeth Abraham, Meir Schneider, Janet Goodrich, Dr William Bates, Dr Ray Gottlieb OD, DR. Samuel Berne, OD., Dr. Roberto Kaplan, DR. Jacob Lieberman, OD, Marc Grossman and others.

Summer Bozohora, our Natural Vision Specialist holds a Certificate for Vision Improvement Education and completed a Masters Degree in the Emotional and Nervous System Stressors that affect vision.

Through her experience, you can expect to learn to talk better care of your eyes and reverse the trend in higher and higher prescriptions.  You can improve and reverse conditions  such as Amblyopia, (lazy eye), blurred vision & computer fatigue.

Within a single Session or a series of Improvement Sessions with Summer, you could expect:

  • Improve Your Eyesight & Reduce your Dependence on Glasses
  • Learn How to Read & Understand your Prescriptions
  • Emotional and Nervous System Aspects of Vision
  • Eliminate Computer Eye Strain, Fatigue and Near Point Stress​
  • Prevent Degenerative Conditions even if they run in your family.
  • Eliminate Double Vision and Lazy Eye Naturally (without patching)
  • How to Reverse Existing Conditions such as Cataracts & Macular Degeneration

The 8 Visual Skills that we all need to be able to see our best:

1. Acuity
20/20 on eye chart. Clear edges at near and far.

2. Accomodation:
Ability to adjust to near and far with stamina and flexibility eg. looking from blackboard to desk and back.

3. Eye Teaming:
Ability of the eyes to work together as a fine-tuned team; critical for reading and writing.

4. Eye Movements:
Smooth, even movements of the eyes; accurate movements to locate items visually; critical for reading and paying attention.

5. Eye-Body Coordination:
Important for writing, drawing and sports

6. Visual Memory:
Ability to visualize or remember things; critical for spelling

7. Visual Perception:
Understanding and recognizing likes and differences of shapes, sizes
​ and spacing.

8. Visual-Emotional Awareness
Awareness of the stressors, mental strain



I approached Summer (Natural Vision School) after two years of a persistent feeling that my left eye was not “seeing” anymore.  It wasn’t working.  I also had constant tension around that eye and was having trouble with reading.  I was also near the point of emotional breakdown.  A friend had taken her son to Summer and he had been greatly helped with eye tracking and migraine headaches.
Since my optometrist offered no advice or help in two years except to say I was “aging,” I contacted Summer.  Through Summer, I learned that trouble with eyesight can be a result of stress and emotional trauma, which fit the timeline both for my childhood vision troubles and the recent onset of other symptoms.  She indicated her INside-OWT program would be appropriate for me and we began to work with some inner work that dealt with the trauma I had experienced alongside gentle, eye muscle training (tools and exercises).
Through her I have learned to listen to and trust what my body and inner self have to say.  I feel at home in my own body and life.  My eye very quickly strengthened, and I can see with both vision fields and wear glasses less.  I also wear a lower prescription that I had originally. The tension around my eye is gone.  I found Summer to be knowledgeable, authentic, and so warmly compassionate and supportive as she guided me in learning to trust and listen to my inner self.
I found this to be a healing and empowering process which has influenced my view of physical symptoms and why people have them.  I feel that anyone who has been recently diagnosed with vision changes, feeling emotionally fragile or experiencing other symptoms that physicians cannot explain or dismiss would do well to consult with Summer.
– Naomi R., Edmonton, Alberta