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Manuela Hofer, RBCST., SMT.

Manuela Hofer, Biodynamic Craniosacral TherapistAbout Manuela Hofer

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (RBCST), Somatic Movement Therapist (SMT), Qigong Instructor

Manuela is an approved Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) from Body Intelligence Canada and she has studied Somatic Movement Therapy (SMT) in Germany and the USA. Her work is influenced by many years of practice in Continuum Movement, fostering the relationship to our mainly fluid body system and regenerative forces.

Always having had an inherent interest in health, creative movement, dance, and the authentic physiological workings of the body, Manuela entered this path at an early age teaching Rhythm and Developmental Movement to adults and early childhood educators. She was the director for the bodywork and dance department at the “Freies-Musikzentrum e.V., in Munich, Germany.

Manuela uses a gentle and effective hands-on approach that invites the body to open and gives particular focus to regenerative forces and wholesome reconnection; promoting relaxation and flow and supporting inherent physiological processes that naturally heal and restore. In addition she offers body meditations.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can address a variety of conditions, some of which include muscle tension, digestive issues, postoperative care, fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, concussions as well as providing treatments for general stress management. Manuela applies her education, intuition and ability to connect with the body’s natural wisdom, in order to help her clients healing process.


“Manuela is a very skilled and gentle Craniosacral practitioner.
I love how my body and spirit relaxes when I feel her hands on my body.
Manuela’s work has helped me to enjoy more being in my body and to trust my body’s wisdom.” D.T.

This work is very gentle, non invasive and yet so powerful. It reveals in such an obvious way, that the body knows exactly how to come into balance, when someone “just” listens. I felt so relaxed after the sessions and deeply realigned with the wisdom of my body. The treatments helped me with digestive issues and stress related symptoms in a very holistic way. I learned to listen, trust and follow these healing movements of my body until today.

I experienced Manuela as a very competent, empathic and supportive therapist, while catching up on developmental movement processes that I missed as a child. She really felt with her serious commitment what I needed. This was for me in my age with 60years, like a miracle. The hours with Manuela contributed significantly to the healing of my soul. This expressed itself physically through more rootedness in my body and more steadfastness and constancy in my life, connected with a deep joy, and even a desire to live more and more in my body. In other words I could more and more dwell in my body, for which I am to her and god very thankful.

In my Cranio sessions with Manuela I recognize a very subtle flow in my body, which reaches areas that I had no previous awareness of. It seems that these fields become alive again. In her work, Manuela’s competence along with her gentleness and her insights, make every single session to a special occurrence.

After the residues of an accident and some trauma and illnesses when I was little, Manuela helped me to come back more into my body and my nervous system relaxed to where it would no longer get activated, within only a few sessions. My body was able to go deeper and find more resources. The combination of Manuela’s natural ability, along with her high level of quality training that she’s received, provide for deep and powerful trans-formative sessions. I also loved that Manuela beautifully guided me and spoke about the body and it’s natural ability to heal that made the sessions that much more powerful, because I gained awareness that I hadn’t previously had. She also gave me a few exercises I could do on my own that which was also helpful and empowering. I highly, highly recommend Manuela for Craniosacral Therapy.