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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Bloodimg3We use a State of the Art, High Powered HD Video Microscope enhanced by a Fiber Optic connection to an LCD Monitor to show you the World of Your LIVING Blood.

Observe a Qualitative Reflection of Your Health as Expressed in Your Blood. If your Blood is unhealthy, you cannot be well.

Using Dark field, Bright field and Phase Contrast lenses see and understand your life’s blood like never before possible.

What can I See?

Some of what we will see indications of in your blood; The Moving Aliveness of Red Blood Cells, Cholesterol, Oxygen, Fats, Triglycerides, Liver stress, White blood cells eating up the bad guys, or not, health of Platelets, Plasma, Undigested Protein, Iron, Hemoglobin, Bacteria, Candida, Parasites and Free Radical Damage. You will begin to gain deeper understanding of what your health is and how you can go about asserting your newly gained knowledge. You will receive information allowing you to transform your own physiology for maximum gains in health & life performance.

Biological Terrain Education

Understand your Biological Terrain by using FLOW SYSTEMS AUDITING – Using “Tried and True” scientific principles, to understand your bodies natural ecosystems.  FLOW SYSTEMS AUDITING uses standardized Laboratory equipment to test and measure your core homeostatic balances, to answer questions like:

What are the true pH level in each of the different bodily systems?

Do I actually need antioxidants , and if so, which type?

Does my body tend to burn carbohydrates or fats more efficiently?

These questions are answered by merging the scientific principles of Claude Vincent, Carey Reams, Emanuel Revici, George Watson, Thomas Riddick and others into a powerful health feedback methodology.