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Children’s Health

Healthly ToddlersWe often see problems in children that can be fixed easily but if not treated on time can grow into serious health problems.

Many times food allergies, parasites, bacteria viruses or fungi are the underlining cause for many unhealthy children. For us it is very easy with different testing methods to identify one of the above and bring our children back to their healthy self healing nature.

Healthy Baby

Baby bodies are extremely sensitive as they adjust to this new world. Many babies have diaper rushes or are very colic. Identifying and removing sensitivities your baby might have in mother’s milk or other substances may help remove these symptoms.

Often new parents have many questions regarding their new family member’s health and near future. Being trained in this area and raising our own children we are happy to advise you in the right direction.

For new mothers, we are happy to help you with your healing, hormone changes, adapting to a new schedule, postpartum depression as well finding the right food to gain best health for you and your newborn.

Healthy Toddler

In this stage our little ones start to discover the world and are exposed to more viruses, parasites and food sensitivities.

We can help by identifying the cause of symptoms and resolving them before they become problems. We can offer herbs or homeopathic remedies strengthen the body and encourage self-healing.

We also offer allergy testing in our clinic with the option to send for more detailed blood analysis.

Healthy Kids

Healthy Children

Our kids go through many changes as they grow up. Starting school and becoming part of this society can be stressful for our children. They often have food allergies or their nervous system is stressed. Helping them to avoid the food that weakens them or strengthening a organ or the nervous system can help them a lot to conquer their challenges and become happy and healthy.

We can offer many gentle non-intrusive remedies that will help their young bodies. Contact us today for more information.


Healthy Teen

Healthy Teens

As our children reach their teens, they will feel like much more is expected of them. Society pressures them how to look and behave while we ask more of them around the house, and studies become more difficult and challenging.

All that stress coupled with hormone changes can cause underlying issues to flair up. We recommend the best nutrition to help combat stress in this world and can offer homeopathic remedies to assist with emotional balance.

Who We Are

Your kid’s program is designed and executed by Neil and Sylvia, a husband and wife team working with individuals to find the root cause of their illness and overcome obstacles to their health goals. Our combination is very unique and powerful when it comes to find the underlying cause of health problems. Dr Tran is a Naturopathic doctor who received special medical training from an accredited four year medical school specializing in Naturopathic Medicine. Silvia his wife has worked for many years as a medical intuitive and energy healer and can easily find any heavy metals, parasites, fungus, allergies and more in just one assessment.

Together they are harmonic team in providing your young one with the right remedies, diet changes, detoxification, and more, to stay happy and healthy.

We pride ourselves in taking time with each patient to provide the best individualized care possible. ​We specialize in using modern and progressive means of diagnosis as well as treatments using natural therapies in order to restore health. We are trained extensively in the use of herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and homeopathic remedies.