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Whole Body & Mind Restore Program, Heavy Metal, Virus & Parasite Cleanse

Session 1 with Silvia Medical Intuitive (75-90 minutes session)
Silvia addresses the viral, parasite or heavy metals that have accumulated in your body. A comprehensive & individualized program of targeted supplements and energy work for your body.

Session 2 with Summer Soul-Coach & Self-Self-Healing Mentor (60-75 Minutes)
As heavy metals, physical debris & pathogens ie) poisons are released, emotional mirrors; poisonous thoughts or energy-depleting emotions arise. Summer’s work of INside-OWT processes at deeper emotional & spiritual levels so your body can readily release without resistance.

Session 3 (Christiane, Silvia or Summer) 60 minutes

  • Christiane (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant) Christiane sees food as our First Medicine. Many people find it hard to avoid foods they shouldn’t eat out of habit. Food can be either medicine or toxic for your body. It can be difficult to change habits and it can be confusing to find the right foods for your individual needs. Christiane can offer support with how to clean out toxic elements in your kitchen, cook, shop and make the best combination of foods & recipes that support and nurture your new, healthier body. OR
  • With Silvia – For any fine-tuning and adjustments in the body and mind. Often there are layers of cleansing, so new remedies and energetic healing may be required for more subtle disturbances that will create optimum health and mental and spiritual freedom. OR
  • With Summer – As you cleanse your liver which is directly related to the eyes you can reduce your prescription with greater ease and improve your eyesight at the same time! Summer will guide you in improving your eyesight. She will help get you into a reduced prescription and see better. She will teach you read and understand your prescription and help you with better vision habits and eye exercises etc. She also gives you journalling and inner reflections on your inner being and your specific vision condition.

Additional sessions can be added at the Health Check Program Rate.

Your Investment for this Health Check Program is: $493.00 SAVINGS: $87.00

Silvia - Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Healing Coach

Silvia – Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Healing Coach

Christiane - Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Christiane – Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Summer - Soul Coach, Self-Healing Mentor, Natural Vision Specialist

Summer – Soul Coach, Self-Healing Mentor, Natural Vision Specialist