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Silvia’s Whole Healing Profound Life Change Program 

  • Session 1 – The Body
    We will look into the organs and body systems performance & possible weaknesses such as heavy metals, yeast, parasites, viruses, or bacteria.Then I will ask the body the most effective and gentlest way to clean these systems and bring them back to balance.We will also ask the body what is difficult from it’s perspective such as foods, stressors, or ways of being.
  • Session 2 – Emotion Patterns & Blindspots
    The second session addresses emotional imbalances.  Healing of your the body is not as important as healing the ways we disconnect to what and who we are at a soul-level.The second session will be designed to address emotional imbalances that cause body weaknesses and keep us separated from what we are.We will look at inherited programs that have run for thousands of years through your ancestors and look at the ego and it’s weaknesses.You will leave feeling a sense of release and with a bigger perspective for a gentle new start.   You will have strong practical ideas of how to become more of what you are instead of being run by past programming.
  • Session 3 – Soul-Spirit Connection
    This is the most important step – nothing else matters.   Even if you have a healthy body and are in good spirits, nothing of that matters.  The most important thing is knowing Oneness and learning to live from that.In this session we focus on your alignment with how to live that Oneness in a world full of pressures.  We will find ways for you to be united with your true essence and what you came here for so you can relax into your true nature.
  • Session 4 – Brief Follow Up Session
    Overall health and check on each level of health and fine tuning.

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