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Migraine Magic Program

Some facts about Migraines

  • About 11 out of 100 people experience Migraine Headaches.
  • Women are mostly affected and migraines tend to start between ages of 10 and 46.

Migraine attacks commonly activate the sympathetic nervous system in the body. The sympathetic nervous system is often thought of as the part of the nervous system that controls primitive responses to stress and pain, the so-called “fight or flight” response. The increased sympathetic nervous activity in the intestine causes nausea, and vomiting. Sympathetic activity also delays emptying of the stomach into the small intestine and thereby prevents oral medications from entering the intestine and being absorbed.

The impaired absorption of oral medications is a common reason for the ineffectiveness of medications taken to treat migraine headaches. The increased sympathetic activity also decreases the circulation of blood, and this leads to pallor of the skin as well as cold hands and feet. The increased sympathetic activity also contributes to the sensitivity to light and sound sensitivity as well as blurred vision.

Being mindful of our stressors, having nutritional and supplemental supports can quickly de-activate the sympathetic nervous system response to alleviate all the symptoms associated with a migraine.

The Migraine Magic Health Package Includes:

  • 1 Initial Visit with a Naturopathic Doctor
    We will go over your health history, as well as figure out what testing is needed to find answers for your health. The doctor will be supervising and monitoring the entire process for your health program with his or her extensive expertise
  • 1 (30 min) Follow up visit with Naturopathic 
    This visit will follow up on your progress and help make any adjustments that may be needed in order to maintain a successful health program.
  • 1 visit with our Acupuncture Consultant Elad Shalev RAc
    Health is assessed from a Chinese Medicine perspective, which has been around for over 5,000 years. The inherent wisdom in Chinese Medicine knowledge is tremendously useful in the path to healing. As such, it is a vital part of our Health Check program. Elad is also an expert in the mental and emotional side to our health. Acupuncture can help alleviate stress patterns and release blocked energy channels in the body.
  • 1 visit with our Board Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Christiane Panesar CHNC
    Christiane’s motto, is that food is your first medicine. Migraines are triggered by certain foods and health is supported by others.  There are certain foods that are known triggers, but Christiane will also tailor the nutrition to your body and health and also your taste-buds with suggested Migraine supportive recipes. She will also help you figure out what foods will nourish you and what foods your body may be allergic to or weaken you.
  • 1 Migraine Home Emergency Guide:
    This is list of all the needed items you need to treat yourself at home including:

    • Essential Oils needed
    • Food and herb list to have on hand
    • Recipes – (food based medicine)
    • Other tools to have on hand
    • Tips for processing the Emotional Stressors that triggered its onset.

Customized Packages offers 15% off the regular visit fee of each practitioner.  A savings of  $180.00

Depending on your Extending Health Program, Some or all of the cost to these packages can be covered under Naturopathy or Acupuncture.