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Healthy Boost Package for Chronic Fatigue & Thyroid Conditions

Fatigue can be quite debilitating if you suffer from it. It can affect your work, family life, and play time.  Fortunately, we can find the right answer to your energy problem. It can be a nutritional deficiency, or chronic infections, or a low functioning organ such as your thyroid or adrenal glands.  There may also be some emotional or spiritual aspects that will increase the affect of the physical support systems. With this program, we will perform some testing to investigate, and find the best course of treatment for each individual. There are many natural remedies that can address all of those causes.

The Energizer package includes the following visits:

  • 1 visit with a Naturopathic Doctor (75 minutes)
    We will go over your health history and to have a comprehensive view of what may be causing the fatigue
  • 1 visit with our Live Blood AnalystDoctor Eric Weiss (60 minutes)
    He will be using Live Blood Analysis/Darkfield Microscopy to analyse the health of your blood cells, and the health of your terrain in your body. This test can also show us if you have any nutritional deficiencies, or any infections and toxins affecting your health, such as fungus, yeast, parasites, and heavy metals.
  • 1 visit with Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Consult Christiane Panesar (60 Minutes)
    This consultation will help guide you in the proper nutrition for your health.  Using information we gather from the health history and Live Blood Analysis, we can come up with a plan that tailors to your nutrition needs.

Plus a choice from one of the following options:

  • a) 1 Acupuncture Treatment with Elad Shalev, RAc (60 minutes)
    This treatment is focused to help stimulate your energy systems. In Chinese Medicine Energy is called Qi (Chi). Chinese Diagnosis can find the reasons of the energetic blockage and deficiency in your Body- Mind- Energy System. A good Diagnosis leads to an effective treatment, treating not only the symptoms, but the roots of the fatigue.
  • b) 1 INside-OWT Healing Mentorship session /Scalar Laser (75-90 minutes)
    This session will identify your energy source and alleviate internal blocks.  When we make decisions for others or lack a passion or drive for life, we are often living life out of alignment with our truth, and our passions. We need to identify and make decisions that motivate and sustain us.    When we identify our blocks and also our energy centre we can make decisions that sustain our life-serving energy from the Inside-Out. Scalar Laser is effective at activating Hypothyroidism or soothing Hyperthyroidism.

Your Health Investment for this program:

Option a) is $552.50 (this program gives you a savings of $97.50)

Option b) is $599.25 (this program gives you a savings of $105.75)

You may add on additional treatments at Health Check Package rates.

Some or all of this package can be direct billed to your extended health insurance plan under Naturopathy or Acupuncture.