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Health Check Plus Package

Health Check Plus Package includes everything offered in Health Check Basic Package:

Health Check Plus adds the following:

  • 1 Follow up Brief visit with a Naturopathic doctor to assess your progress
    This visit to monitor your healing progress and to make any adjustments to your treatments as necessary
  • 1 visit with Silvia or Summer for intuitive life coaching (60 minutes)
    This session will help you figure out healthy life habits. This session will give you a deeper understanding and purpose about your life. Their intuitive abilities allows them to see negative emotional beliefs, and destructive patterns that may be holding you back and they will give you the tools that are needed to be more in the flow of your  true essence and your true flow.  This session can also include energy work if needed, including Matrix Energetics work, and doing release work for any holding patterns in the body.
  • 1 follow up visit with a Holistic Nutritional Consultant (45 minutes)
    Follow up on the progress of your health changes, and to adjust the treatments as needed.

Your health investment is $860 (this gives you a saving of $150)

Some or all of the cost to these packages can be paid by your extended health insurance plan