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Chronic Pain Package

Chronic pain can significantly affect the lives of those that suffer from it. It affects your productivity, sleep, and enjoyment in life. The causes of it can be from injuries, chronic inflammation, degeneration of joint structures.

Pain can also be caused by benign oxygen deprivation when no physical cause can be determined.  In this case, the autonomic–peptide branch of the central nervous system is at play which is a system responsible for the inter-communication between the brain and the body.  As such, treating the emotional aspect of health can be important to healing from pain also.

Many types of physical pain are, in fact caused by mild and benign (meaning harmless) oxygen deprivation to a specific area of the body, and brought on by stress through the central nervous system.  The Stressors and/or unconscious emotions that trigger oxygen deprivation include; repressed anger, grief, resentment, frustration, confusion etc. The activity of the autonomic-peptide branch of the central nervous system controls involuntary systems such as the circulatory, gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems.  It is active 24 hours a day and functions outside of our awareness.

“The altered physiology in this process that creates the symptoms and physical pain appears to be a mild, localized reduction in blood flow to a small region or specific body structure, such as a spinal nerve, resulting in a state of mild oxygen deprivation.  The result is pain.  The tissues that may be targeted by the brain include the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back or buttons; any spinal or peripheral nerve and any tendon.  As a consequence, the symptoms may occur virtually anywhere in the body.”  – Dr. John A. Sarno.

The key to alleviating pain depends on the cause. We have designed this package specifically to help alleviate pain, and figure out the causes of it so that we can address the root causes in order to keep the pain away.

The Chronic Pain package includes the following:

  • 1 visit with a Naturopathic Doctor
    We will fully assess the sources of the pain, and to have a better understanding of your health history.
  • 1 visit with our Board Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Christiane Panesar
    A lot of times, people can be eating certain foods that increase inflammation in the body, and be a major factor in the cause of the As such it is very important to assess your diet and to make appropriate recommendations.

Plus a choice from one of the following options:

  • a) 3 treatments of either Acupuncture, Biopuncture, or Neural Therapy (45 mins)
    These treatments are focused to help alleviate the pain.  After our assessment, we can determine the best treatment modalities for you.
  • b) 2 INsideOWT Healing Sessions with Summer Bozohora (60-75 mins)
    These sessions will identify the triggers for the autonomic-peptide system.  Pain is a signal.  During the sessions we exploring the reasons for oxygen deprivation to the affected areas. The unconscious emotions that trigger oxygen deprivation include anger, grief, resentment, frustration, confusion etc.   Once these triggers are identified and action taken in the clients life to reflect the awareness, pain stops.

Customized Packages offers 15% off the regular visit fee

Depending on your Extended Health Program, some or all of the cost to these packages can be covered under Naturopathy or Acupuncture.

Video Testimonial

Judy Walker – INside-OWT Testimonial for Shoulder Pain

Judy describes her journey of healing her shoulder through the 5-step process of Inside-OWT that helps people access unconscious emotions and conflicts that create oxygen deprivation in soft tissue such as muscle, nerves & tendons. (as per Dr. John Sarnos’ book Epidemic of Mind-Body Disorders)

Judy describes in detail her experience of the process and how Summer helped guide her to accept, honor and trust the imagery that arose and how to use the 5 step process of INside-OWT to come profound insight that healed her shoulder in one session.