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Health Check Package

This package is designed to find the right healing approach, the right healing remedies, and personalized diet and wellness plan.

1 visit with a Naturopathic Doctor
We will go over your health history, as well as figure out what testing is needed to find answers for your health. The doctor will be supervising and monitoring the entire process for your health program with his or her extensive expertise.

1 visit with our Live Blood AnalystDoctor Eric Weis
He will be using Live Blood Analysis/Darkfield Microscopy to analyse the health of your blood cell, and the health of your terrain in your body. This test can also show us if you have any infections and toxins affecting your health, such as fungus, yeast, parasites, and heavy metals.

1 visit with our Acupuncture Consultant and Healing Coach, Elad Shalev

Health is assessed from a Chinese Medicine perspective, which has been around for over 5,000 years.  The inherent wisdom in Chinese Medicine knowledge is tremendously useful in the path to healing.  As such, it is a vital part of our Health Check program.  Elad is also an expert in the mental and emotional side to our health.  With his training in Recall Healing and Theta healing, he will help you heal from stress and blockages to healing.

1 visit with our Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Christiane Panesar
Food is an essential part to our healing. Nutrients from food is what our body use to rebuild our health. We’ll figure out foods that will be good for your health. This will be tailored to your body and health. She will also help you figure out what foods will nourish you and what foods your body may be allergic to or weaken you.

From these assessments, every imbalance that is found will be addressed step by step at a pace that is appropriate for your body.

Your Health Investment is $550 for this program (this program gives you a saving of $120)

Some or all of the cost to these packages can be paid by your extended health insurance plan

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