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Emotional Mental & Spiritual Distress/Imbalance

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Burnout, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression are BIG realities in our world.   In our Western World, Over 80% of people have been on antidepressants at one time in their life.  ​​

​Many of us are valued for do-ing-ness’, rather than be-ing-ness and when we have goals that are outer-directed or ego driven, we experience an energy drain.

Another term for these symptoms is SOUL-LOSS. 

Lots of us make ourselves SICK physically, emotionally & spiritually
by not listening to guidance that comes from what our bodies and mind can tell us.

Images, Feelings, Symptoms all have a voice.

​A lot of times we are afraid of that voice or judge ourselves to the point of
repressing or denying them.  

Emotion is …  ENERGY IN MOTION 

 And energy wants to stay in motion but we have been taught to judge emotions, symptoms or images as “good” or bad” … and prevent energy from moving with responses such as Repression, Avoidance, Denial, and Judgment. 

​There is a direct correlation between the amount of
effortexpended to avoid pain and the degree of
suffering experienced—the harder someone works
to avoid pain, the greater​his or her suffering
tends to be.
​​Dan Mager MSW

The body is a conduit of truth like a battery.

​WARNING: Repression, Denial, Avoidance and Judgement can often be camouflaged
​as Positive Thinking…..


You can tell the difference between true positive thinking and camouflaged
negative feelings because it drains our essential life-energy and creates
​a great deal of anxiety or leads to addictions.

Circumstances in life happen and people can feel negative feelings – sadness, anguish, dread, frustration, anger … etc.  You can’t fix them or make them go away with positive ‘thinking’   You need the opportunity to accept, honour, understand and integrate what these feelings tell you.    

Its, SIMPLE, If we cannot FEEL our positive thoughts they are just THINKING and our battery gets short-circuited.   Anxiety, Depression, Adrenal Fatigue, Chroniqe Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Burn Out are all examples of this disastrous trend.

Dr. Sarno who wrote The Mind- Body Prescription  says:.

A big reason for these symptoms & disorders is the resistance of the Medical profession to acknowledge a mind-body connection and to normalize the experience … for the majority there is a stigma attached to disorders related to psychology.  There is shame associated with the idea that one is suffering from psychological induced symptoms.” (Sarno)

But, the the truth is that the Mind-Body Spilt – the need to reconcile thought and feeling or the head and heart – our spiritual nature with our purpose here on Earth is a UNIVERSAL process.

Despite our methods of masking or numbing the human soul, or our Inner Knowing  is very persistent.   It escalates symptoms until you are in a full-blown health or mental life crisis if you keep denying its messages.​ Symptoms are a form of manifestation. When you come to understand why you have manifested them, the energetic reason for your symptoms disappears and there is a clear and undeniable shift that takes place that stops the need for your symptoms and replaces them with life-serving energy. 

Emotional balance occurs when we allow ourselves to feel whatever comes up, without feeling stifled or overwhelmed, and learn to accept our feelings without judgment.    Dan Mager MSW

One of the best ways to Accept, Honour and Trust your experience and integrate its meaning is through the transformational 5 step process of INside-OWT.  


Visit the “What is INside-OWT” Video page
where a former Registered Nurse explains INside-OWT with short 2-6 min videos, in an interview style format, with Summer Bozohora (founder of the process).