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Physical Detoxification

Our bodies detox continuously as a natural function. It is only when our detox mechanisms have become overloaded that this process becomes less efficient. This results in various symptoms, like weight gain, acne, stiff muscles and joints, and depression. Once you have experienced the benefits of detoxing it supports a recognition of the profound link between food and health and contributes towards overall healthier choices in daily life.

Toxins may be internal or external in origin, internally from congestion in the liver, kidneys, and skin, externally from poor or inappropriate diet, alcohol, stress and lack of exercise. Pollution or pesticides in our food sources also put undue stress on the detoxification process of the body.

Weakened digestion and poor food choices can lead to internal toxins that are metabolic by-products from bacteria producing side effects that impact overall health. Some symptoms are acute and will come and go, but overtime this leads to fatigue, depressed mood and an inability to fight a cold or flu, as well as difficulty in losing weight.

Toxic overload may contribute to more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.