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Mental Detoxification

The cleansing of our mind of negative thought patterns is essential to health and wellness. The mind-body connection is fundamental to naturopathic medicine and a key component to good health. Quite often our mental patterns or habits are overlooked, yet when they are uncovered often provide the missing link to full resolution of physical ailments or chronic disease states. detoxification on a mental and emotional level significantly helps us remove obstacles to cure, uncover, and express hidden frustrations, anger, resentments and fears, replacing them with forgiveness, compassion and positive feelings towards ourselves and others.

Often the outcome of suppressed or hidden deep hurt and sadness from the past is the feeling of low energy, we may use food or alcohol for an energy boost but over time this can perpetuate habits lacking in self care. Once the emotional energy from the past is released we find we have more energy and enthusiasm to do the things that we enjoy.