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Comprehensive Care Package

The Comprehensive Package includes everything from the Health Check and Health Check Plus packages:

The Comprehensive Package adds the following:

1 more follow up visit with our Naturopathic Doctor
Check progress of healing and adjust treatments as needed

1 more visit with Silvia, Our Medical Intuitive and Lifecoach
Silvia is also a Certiefied Yoga teacher.  So she can also help you find the right fitness approach that is appropriate an beneficial for your current health. A varierty from breathing excersises, gentle stretching, qi gong, yoga, swimming, cardio exercises and more will be considered.

5 treatments from any modality that can speed up the healing process, this can be chosen from the following:

The treatments can be chosen by you, or with the help of the Naturopathic Doctor to figure out what is best for your health.

Your health investment is $1200 (a saving of $375)

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