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Chronic Disease

Chronic disease such as insidious infectious disease, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, and cancer are probably some of the most difficult conditions to treat due to their complexity. When being affronted by such a condition, not only is it necessary to eliminate the underlying factor(s) contributing to the current illness, but also modulate the immune system to be more effective, all while aiding with symptomatic relief. Without a multi-step approach, these types of disease can easily perpetuate for years without any sign of improvement.

Example of a multi-step approach to treat chronic disease:

  • Diet changes (eliminating what weakens you like allergies)
  • Cleansing (taking out of the system fungus, bacteria, toxins, heavy metals and parasites)
  • Strengthening (the body and necessary organs)
  • >Emotion and Energy Therapy (finding the blockages that hold us back from healing)

Often time individuals suffering from chronic disease require more advanced therapies (such as intravenous therapies) in order to make a shift in their condition. The use of these therapies allow for faster results all while still promoting a healthy diet, lifestyle, and providing supplemental support. These advanced therapies and the overall treatment program can easily be modified in order to compensate for those individuals also utilizing conventional therapies. In addition, support can be provided for those requiring aid in overcoming some of the side effects which are known to occur with some of the more potent conventional therapies.

Regardless of the type of chronic disease that an individual may be suffering, the other types of therapies that they may be undergoing, a customizable comprehensive treatment plan can be achieved to aid the patient in their healing journey.

Our Doctors are able to test your body with different techniques and methods to find the underlying causes of your weakness and are able to offer you the right healing approach.