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Cellulite Treatment

Vacuum Therapy is an effective way of dislodging fat molecules in targeted areas of the body, as well as increasing blood flow, which decreases unsightly cellulite in the skin. Ultrasonic Cavitation is paired with this treatment to further remove unwanted fat.

What is Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum Therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that enhances the overall appearance of the glutes/breasts by rounding and plumping the butt/breast through our personal HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic current) techniques and the machine’s pulsation.

We can focus on whatever area of the hip you’d like. Don’t like hip dips? We can work on relocating the fat there to create a rounder booty! Want a less “flat” or more “plump” booty? We can work on growing the glutes to achieve this!

Vacuum Therapy targets and stimulates the glute/breast muscles, promoting a natural growth that can be permanent if a healthy lifestyle is maintained. Vacuum therapy will not only give you a vacuum massage, but it will reposition fat cells into desired areas of the body such as hip-dips and glutes, as well as plump the area!

After we finish relocating the fat cells and preparing the muscles with HIFEM, suction cups are placed on the buttocks, hips, or breasts to stimulate the muscles and promote blood circulation in that area.

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising, results will remain permanently. This procedure allows you to contour, tighten, shape, and lift the glutes naturally without having to undergo surgery.

This procedure is great for individuals who are already active and are wanting better results, or individuals who are wanting a “head start” on their health and wellness journey. Along with the growth benefits of vacuum therapy, it also eliminates toxins, improves lymphatic drainage, and helps create a natural glow as it increases blood circulation to those areas. You will see a reduction in loose skin, cellulite, and texture through the restoration of the skin’s natural elasticity.


Ultrasonic Cavitation

Hip and Butt Enhancement

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation is a body contouring treatment that is used to target small areas of fat and helps to remove fat deposits under your skin that may be difficult to get rid of with exercise alone.
  • This treatment uses ultrasonic uses radio frequencies and low-frequency ultrasonic waves to break apart fat cells which are absorbed into your body by your lymphatic system.
  • Typically you can expect 1 to 2 inches of fat loss after the first treatment and up to 2 inches of loss after each subsequent treatment. Fat removed is permanent but requires a healthy diet in order to maintain results.
  • Best used for body contouring and shaping.