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Cancer Care

The diagnosis of cancer can be devastating to many individuals, but there is hope that Naturopathic Medicine can be tremendously useful in the treatment process. In our clinic, our first goal is to help you the make a good decision for your healing path.

The most common choices are the conventional treatments (with chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation), or the holistic pathway with natural remedies and therapies, or the combine use of both. By supporting your body in the healing process, your body will have a chance of staying healthy in the process, whichever methods you decide upon.

We are here to give you all the information for you to make the best decision. We have special in house testing, and work with different laboratories to help figure out the best care for your healing process. Since each one of us are individuals, so are the causes of cancer. Our years of experience has shown us that there is no one magic pill for this condition, but the appropriate use of the right combination of treatment for each person has shown best results of cure.

We believe strongly in 3 important points in cancer care.


It is very important to take stressful food out of your diet. Foods that you may be allergic or intolerant to, and processed foods that is generally low on nutrition, will block your body from fully healing. Next we add food that nourishes and strengthens your body and gives you energy. We can easily help you find out these food allergies, and help you figure out the best diet and food that can help your body heal.

Emotional cleansing

Time and time again, we have found that emotional stress and traumas can be a big factor in this disease.

We have a highly trained practitioner Silvia Schefzik who can help you through the emotional cleansing process. With a warm heart and gentleness, Silvia can help you find these emotional blocks or traumas that are lowering your energy and holding your body back from healing. She will find your old wounds and holding places, and can help guide you to a new way of seeing and being that can heal them.

She will work with you as often as you need, and walk you gently to a new emotional state. Especially in the time of dealing with cancer, fears and uncertainty can show up that can stress your body. There is an abundance of research that has proven that these emotions can inhibit your immune system and create stress chemicals that will slow your body from fully healing, and that is why we highly recommend that you consult with Silvia on how we can help you through this.


In modern times, our bodies are exposed to more toxins and chemicals than we would like to think. They can be very harmful, particularly in the case of cancer.  Scientists know that cancer cells form when the genes in our cells mutate, causing it to divide and grow uncontrollably. This happens when we are either exposed to radiation or when the cells are exposed to environmental toxins.

Therefore, in order to heal from the cancer, we have to get these toxins out of your body. The good news is that your body has everything it needs to get rid of these toxins. The liver has many enzymes that can metabolize these toxins so that they are not as harmful anymore. Also the kidneys, and colon are the many pathways that can expel these toxins out of our body. Over the years these organs became weaker in your body from being overworked, and it took years for the cancer cells to form and grow.

Detoxification is one of the therapies that we excel at here in our clinic, and getting these organs to regain their health again is one of our specialties. We can safely and effectively help with the correct use of nutrients in strengthening your organs, and the use of herbs to detoxify them.

These 3 points are highly important in regaining health and fighting off cancer.

In addition to these 3 pillars of health, there are many effective therapies that can be very effective in helping your body get rid of the cancer cells:

  1. High dose intravenous vitamin C therapy
  2. Mistle Toe therapy
  3. Ozone and U/V therapy

This is just a small list of what is available. During your consultation with one of our doctors, we will help you find the most appropriate treatments that will be helpful for your health.