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Allergies/Food Sensitivities

Our Naturopaths can test children and adults for food sensitivities or food allergies

The terms food allergy, food intolerance and food sensitivity all refer to abnormal reactions to foods, and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, food reactions fall into one of two categories; those that involve activation of the immune system or non-immune reactions such as lactose intolerance.

Hypersensitivities are grouped into 4 types: These are based on which part of the immune system is activated and how long it takes for a reaction to occur. The 2 most common are:

a) immediate hypersensitivity – characterized by the production of IgE antibodies that release histamine and are responsible for the ‘immediate-onset’ of symptoms that can occurs whiten seconds or minutes following the ingestion of certain foods. Symptoms associated with these reactions include: rashes, sneezing, difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock.

b) delayed hypersensitivity – characterized by the production of IgG antibodies and the gradual formation of antigen-antibody complexes which deposit in tissues and can lead to chronic inflammation. They are responsible fore symptoms which can occur several hours or days after foods are ingested.  Symptoms include: irritable bowel, headaches/migraines/ fatigue, high blood pressure, eczema, asthma, joint pain, runny nose, arthritis, weight problems and fibromyalgia. It is often possible to eliminate reactive foods from the diet for several months and gradually re-introduce when symptoms have improved.

Testing & Diagnosis

Dr. Neil Tran‘s knowledge in Chinese Medicine and auricular medicine allows him to test the human body through the pulse system to find organs which are unhealthy and blocking the body from healing. This may be combined with lab tests.

Silvia has a high level of expertise in muscle and energy testing, and offers an in depth diagnosis and reading of the body.

With this combination our clinic offers a very unique service. We excel in finding the root cause of your problem and applying the skills to treat it effectively.

IGG Food Sensitivity Testing, Lactose and Candida Testing: 

You have the option of getting the IGG test which is done with a simple prick of the finger and takes about 2-3 weeks for the results to come back. We can test reactivity to 125 Basic Foods, 160 (Vegetarian) and 220 Enhanced Foods Allergies through the IGG Food Sensitivity test to see if you have an Elevated, Borderline or Normal reaction to the foods tested.

If you have several high intolerances a consultation with a Nutritionist is recommended in order to change your diet and still receive the nutrients you require.

It is normal to feel worse for a few days after eliminating specific foods and changing your diet. Your body needs time to overcome the withdrawal symptoms so be prepared to persevered.  Improvements take place over time.